Monday, 19 July 2010

Track of the week....


Right, I too have a Dr. Who related song to share...I first heard this on the Scott Mills Podcast maybe a month ago...'tis really good! And dang catchy with it!


Creativity day my ARSE!!! WHAT is creative about an ISA and IT catchup?!? That's rhetorical and just for the sake of my rant if you try to answer, looking in depth at how you could argue that both things are actually very creative, i will not be ammused. In fact, I will be so very UNammused that I shall find a large stcik and beat you with it. Hear me?!?!?
...I'm actually a little pleased with how much IT I got done...shhhh...

ooooh...I remember getting this in my head a while a back but i didn't know who it was's catchy, not actually an amazing song but it's pretty good and i really like this video + the lead singer looks constantly stoned. naughty naughty.
i'm ready to owe you anything *great line*

oooh goodness, time for dinner!
I'm off darlings!

Peace and love
p.s AND CYBERTOAST...i will make that catch'll see....
p.p.s watched The Wedding Singer last night!! SO GOOOOD!! but WHY can't adam sandler kiss me like he kissed drew barrymore?! life is so unfair.

p.p.p.s The World Needs One of Me xD

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