Monday, 26 July 2010

300th POST!!!

...and nothing groundbreaking...yet...

So, I've been keeping this one blog, fairly attentively for around a year and a half now, opening up to all of you guys and gals aout my deepest and darkest *not really...gee....* secrets.
You marvellous friends of mine have supported me with every trivial and not so trivial matter that has preseneted itself over these 18-ish months... thank you :)

OOOOooooh, guess what!!!!!

Ryan Stiles on Two and a Half Men!!

The thing abotu Sky is that there are LOADS of channels but they always show so much of the same things...

I've eaten so much food that I have grown a food baby....thing is...that with this false pregnancy you don't have the "eating for two" excuse :/
I ate the most ENORMOUS slice of pizza last night and today i've had chips nad a burger and icecream....but...I have since eaten a peach...and as the laws of women and food go...eating something healthy immediately after something unhealthy balances out the bad calories xD!!

OOOh, get this....apparently guys find it attractive when girls can multitask...I DON'T THINK SO!!! I mean seriously....have you ever heard ANYONE ever saying "my god that girl is beautiful..and the way that she can multitask...dang..." ?!?!?!?!?! My big brother somehow found it appropriate to suggest to his baby sister that if a girl was multitasking in a sexual situation then it would be understandable to find it attractive....hmmmmmmmm.

OOOOOH and get this, also...apparently women are twice as attracted to a guy of more than 5ft 10" (national average) than they are to someone of average height....and if said guy is two inches above the doubled attractiveness height then his attractiveness doubles again?!?!?!? I suppose that in a very primitive way, height is attractive because women are conditioned to fall for strong guys who are going to be appropriate to procreate with...and also so that said strong bloke can provide for woman and offspring...BUT REALLY, in the 21st century I can honestly say that as a woman i DON'T CARE how tall some bloke is!!! If he's a laugh, gives good conversation, is interested in me, kind, caring, a good hugger and gives me butterflies then that's everything...

What's my age again?!?!?! Blink 182 on Kerrang xP they really like getting nekkid don't they? :)

I will say this one thing regarding height....generally...girls like their guys to be taller than them....but that's common anyway.

I've been listening to Eminem a lot recently :s thought i'd share cuz i'm gernous...he's a fairly awesome lyricist and his tunes can be catchey..of course some of his work has been shite but then again...there's a lot worse out there....
I CAN'T STAND TINIE TEMPAH!!! is that even how you spell it??!?!?! grrrrrrrrr.

Oh...went to Bangor today...

what's the weather like in England right now?

oooh, does anyone know....if i take a gap year after a levels and move to scotland, can i get free university tuition after that year??!?!? that would be COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I'd still have to pay for accomodation though...
if i went to Bangor uni then i could stay with my grandparents and just pay for my tuition....

so what's more expensive, tuition or accomodation???!?! hmmmmmmmm

p.s thanks for everyone who's still reading this after 300 fecking posts!! i can't believe you're not bored of me yet :D or maybe you are and you're just being polite...well....still thanks for your good manners anyway... :P


  1. I thought it was in Thailand...

  2. Bangkok, Tommy, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and the butt of bad jokes involving kicks to the groin.