Thursday, 29 July 2010



You know i said that I got a harsh slap from the sea in yesterday's jump? my legs are really badly bruised now and it kills...I was looking up quick healing methods for bruises yesterday and amongst some surprising thigns there was a fairly obvious recommendation to avoid putting pressure on the bruise...well...that's just a tad difficult when you're SITTING ON IT!! :( i'm gonna put up a pic sometime just so as you can appreciate how horrid it is. it's so fecking ugly, it's purple and blue and pink :(
sorry, i'm gonna stop grumbling...literally...I heard aboutt his from a youtuber and he said about an anti-complain bracelet wear it for three weeks without grumbling...but if you grumble you have to switch wrists and start the three weeks's supposed to get you into the right mind frame for positivity and adjust your thinking patterns...makes sense and it can't hurt to give it a try, right?

We went round Caernarfon today :D very nice! We had many chips :D

We ate them in the kinda main-square-center-courtyard place in front of a water fountain and there were loads of lil kids running through trying to avoid the squirts as they went up and down and alternated sides 'n' such. There was one little boy who made me laugh so hard, he just had such a look of severe concentration on his face, it was hilarious xD It seemed as though, to him, this water fountain was a life or death matter...awww, how cute :P
oooh, thanks for the chat last night richard, i had a right laugh :P i'll probs be fine for the same time tonight but yeah,, still not certain :/ I just re-read over last night's convo...i never noticed how terrible i am at typing :s

oooh, tommy!!! SO looking forward to this sunday :P i'll try and remember candles *you still need to remind me though* and will i be able to use matches or whatevvs at yours or will i have to discreetly bring a lighter? hmmm.

Peace and love


  1. This may surprise you, but the gift of fire has indeed graced my family in the past millenia. We may be Geordie, but we ain't cavemen! xD

    Scuse the sarcasm. Gratz of the jetty jump! Look forward to seeing you when you get back.

  2. The hyperlink for this post is making me laugh:

    Anyway, hope you feel better :)

  3. Tommy, I don't know if i've ever mentioned this but your dad is well georfie...:P
    ha, i'm pretty chuffed with my url xD cheers jamie!