Sunday, 25 July 2010

Hey y'all

Hey, Mundooteh, I would have replied to your comment on the post but i wanted to just get rid of it, anyways, fancy meeting up when i get back sometime? :D it'd be great to see you again :P
Mr. Staples, no worries about misunderstandings :)

I've not really got anything I want to share with you about today. sorry.

I might go jumping around 3.30 was quite toasty today so we'll see, eh?

It's good to be here in Wales but I miss Guildford and all you guys :/ i'm 300 miles away...i know it's not worlds apart but it might as well be.

I have been knackered for so long now...

oooh, elin, you know when i sleep over at yours we sometimes do yoga?!?!? I found the channel on my grandpa's telly-space last night xD Oh yeah.

Peace and love

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