Saturday, 10 July 2010

There are people running all over the highstreet....

They have maps * i think * and they're going in all kinds of directions and they're not all together in a group...I'm so tempted to jog beside one and ask what's going on but these shorts i'm wearing are very short and somehow i don't think that running in short shorts is the best idea i've ever had...however, i've had crazier ideas and carried them through aswell so...maybe xD

ooh, for thosse of you who i have yet to tell...i got stuck on a roof.

I can't be bothered to explain + i think it's funny to leave you wondering...HOW?! xD

Someone asked me what i was doing up there...i ate pasta.

Me and Elin were up there before her ACM thing *which btw was AWESOME!!* and we met up with Cazzimaroo too xD

who was that song "charity" by? actually dw...i'll just google the lyrics and see what happens :)

I've been looking forward to thorpe park for so long and i'm going TOMORROW!! xD feels sorta weird...I've got this awful feeling that cuz i'm feeling so good about it, something bad might happen there. but that's just me being silly.

I need to make pasta tonight...for my lunch tomorrow :P i bought pringles too. gotta love pringles.
Omgosh, i've walked up and down town so many times *in the library right now* but that's no bad thing because i ate SO much junk yesterday. The plan was to eat healthily up until thorpe park but i gave up after like the first week :/ i felt so bad goingto bed last night cuz i'd eaten 5 cookies, a hotdog, a burger, 2 icecreams, dinner, chocolate and stuff... :(
anyways, gonna try and do a 24 hour detox sesh today so i'm hoping mum's just making a really light lunch *which i should probably get going for soon*
dang that was odd, my folks literally just came into say hi!! xD i guess they're stalking me...or not...they are my folks after all.

OOOh, i can't embed this one but i urge you to check this out, i LOVE this song:
Take a chance by the magic numbers

the lead singer's called Romeo, how cool is that?

forever lost's a good one too!

I've been meaning to listen to them for ages and now i'm loving it!!

okay, that's about it...remember me!

Peace and love
p.s i'm loving jamiroqua
p.p.s i got myself a five mile smile!

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