Saturday, 31 July 2010

Honey, I'm home!


It feels pretty good to be back in Guildford but i really miss my grandparents :/

Happy Birthday Tommy! I'll call you in a minute :P

Ha, I remember when Chacaron came out...i can believe it got to number 20 though...i mean, if a frog can get to number 1 anything's possible, right?

I've got that So Hard song by Rihanna stuck in my head.
omgosh, i actually LOVE 'love the way you lie' by Eminem and Rihanna :D

My grandparents have Sky so I've been watching bunches of telly including loads of the cartoons i watche dwhen i was little...i really used to love Sylvester and Tweety mystery and Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerrie xD
oh and more recently...Fairly Odd Parents xD I really like the theme tune.
aw man, the other day I got the ad theme from Uno Extreme stuck in my head....I HAVE NO IDEA HOW!!!
everybody Uno...everybody play,
Uno Extreme, cards are flying every single way,
thinking your safe now, well just wait,
You might get no cards, you might get eight.

xD I think we still have that in our attic somewhere...

Chocolate melted in my bag...not cool :/ it went all over everything! it's like the time my lipgloss exploded in my blazer pocket. actually that was worse cuz it didn't even taste good. hrumph xD

I love old cartoons. I really liked TopCat when I was younger...and Catch the Pidgeon, MUTLEY ROCKS!!

everybody secretly loves this song...

mwa ha ha

Right...I reckon i've said everything of interest...

my journey wasn't bad...m25 wasn't entirely dreadful...caught up a couple times....sat uncomfortably but it could have been much worse really :P

Peace and love
p.s i won the audi tt game...i got 17 xD
p.p.s Abundant is plenty

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