Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Did you know that we're over half way through the year?

If you made one, how are you doing with your new years resolutions?

So, I had my TIE *theatre in education* assessment in drama today :s I think it went pretty well but i'm not getting back my grade until Friday....two WHOLE days *the agony*

I was thinking about Jamie's track of the week of a couple of weeks ago...Clint Eastwood...did you know that that came out in 2001 or something??! I remember dancing to it in the school hall with my class when I was 6! that was over half my lifetime ago. little odd to think of it like that.

Eloise invented the Momble in math and then we wrote up a family of Mombles for ourselves...she's Major Momble...I'm Minor Momble, Caz, you're Magic Momble, Tommy's Mahoosive Momble, Summer's Mystic Momble,Robert's Mouldy Momble *he asked!!* Jamie's Mighty Momble...My mum's Mama child of the future is Mini Momble.....
that's just some off of the top of my head cuz there's a two page list in ma GWB which unbelievably, i still have after a fecking year!! no one else seems to have theirs.

Gosh, robert, your hair looked fabby in english xD You looked like one of the who's from The Grinch Stole Christmas xD so cool.

Oooh, I'm listening to Magic by Ben Folds Five...first time i've heard it but I'm rather liking it!!!

They've disbanded but Ben Folds has been pretty successful in his solo career.

aw, i'm gutted i haven't got back my original writing yet...I suppose we may get them next monday...but i dunno. mrs gibbs might have had time to do the marking by then but who knows?!
It's supposed to be gorgeous weather this weekend. I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THORPE PARK!!! :D

Peace and love


  1. mytic momble, love that you pair of gawjuss geniuses. And I do still have my GWB I just don't ever bring it in or use it lolz

  2. Just watched Confessions like you said, I laughed so much xD. It was really surprising and I love his facial expression when he starts talking about boobs. ^^

  3. omgosh, i know!! SO funny xD