Saturday, 24 July 2010

Cymru!! Mark Three!!


from The Land of...mud, daffodils, leeks and last but not least...



Thank you so much for finding the creepy badger for me Tommy!! I remember watching Woody the Woopecker when I got home from school on like CITV or CBBC or something...good times...

So, our journey up here took about 6 hours...would have been faster but it was a bit stop/start on the motor ways for part of it :/
I didn't download enough podcasts for the whole journey because two which I though would be maybe 40 minutes each were 14 minutes and 26 minutes each...-_-' sucks...

I want to jump off Mackenzie Jetty again *packed my cozzie 'n' all* but it looks frightfully grey and right now, i just can't see that happening! maybe later in the week?

Ange has plans to pester Grandpa into taking us cockling and also to collect muscles :) haven't done that properly in years!! grandma made ice cream muffins....

6 scoops vanilla ice cream
6 tbsp self raising flour


Seive and stir the flour into the ice cream until runny....

spoon into muffin cases (should make between 6 and 8)

bake for 10-12 minutes at gas mark four.


they're pretty nice!! and is that not the quickest recipe ever?!?!? but when you think about it, ice cream IS cake mix without the flour!!

just thought i'd share cuz i'm generous :D

I'm gonna delete the post from yesterday cuz it's horrid and i made people feel unecessarily guilty *inception guys, i swear it wasn't to do with you!!!* and i'm nearing 300 posts and i don't want to count that among them.... of yet...i've really not done much...
i do however have TWO new watches from my grandparents xD they're real nice but i have a sneaking suspician that they don't think much of my time-keeping skills thus far. hmmm.

Summer, I love you :)

More tomorrow...or later if i'm bored....

Peace and love
p.s RICHARD! you rock for introducing me to pina colada xD me 'n' ange have some of the carribean twist stuff and it is tasssssssssssty :)


  1. I love you tooooo...???????????? anyways that thing about ice cream muffins sounds immence


  2. I know right!! i neeeeeed to make those when i get home :D xxx