Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Listen to me. Are you listening?

I SAID LISTEN!!! Stop chastising my dear friend, Thomas...*although tommy, seriously, why did you ask that question?...i don't think it had anything to do with my post...*

and also, i can't get onto dollar jam's newest post...just saying...i'll try again tomorrow

sorry, that was awfully rude of me.

RIGHT! onto me, this is my bloggy-space after all :D

Went around St. Cybi's church this morning...Mom though it was innappropriatefor me to go on the's not like i'd have said anything bad into the microphone...well, nothing really bad. naughty naughty!

Errrrrm, then this afternoon we went to Porth Dafarch, ate sandwiches and wandered over some rocky-hilly places that made mom have a heart attack when dad kept walking up to the edge...I picked a pretty pink flower and i'm pressing it in my diary to preserve it and remind me of today :)

oooh, we got back here at about 4 in the afternoon and from where we parked opposite grandma and grandpa's i could see Mackenzie Jetty...and lads were jumping!! It was a calling!
I'd bought a new bikini when i was out as well *i love the colour, it's a really BRIGHT blue!!* so I thought I should christen it in the sea...


last year when jumped the tide was in but this year it was out so the drop was HUGE...standing up on the wall was terrifying and i was there for a few minutes trying to get myself together...I was so close to just climbing back down...but then i wouldn't have anything to tell you guys! I think i do this '...' far too often...
ANYWAY!!! I jumped and didn't scream cuz i needed to save my breath, i was under the water for ages, well, it felt like ages anyways :/ The guys around were so sweet...actually, i should have written this first BUT when i was walking up to the jetty i heard one boy saying 'hey, look at the hot girl' i was the only one there so it must hav been me. i know i should be livid at his objectifying me but tbh, i was just sort of flattered!
ANYWAY! the boys were really supportive cuz they could see that i was utterly petrified :) teenagers have a bad reputation, the few ruin it for the many methinks.

Hitting the water really slapped my thighs though *ouch* :/ my bikini top stayed safe though!!! i need to have a shower in a minute, get all this salt out of my hair and off my skin.
watermelon bacardi breezer makes my tongue really pink.

irn bru!!!! bestest, sweetest thing EVER to be created, i swear it's sweeter than sugar xD LOVE IT!!!

oooh, no video of the jump this year, just a pic! I'll post it up here when i get back but we don't have the deely for our camera with us so i can't do it now. sorry.

that's probably about everything and i REALLY need the loo so i better get going :P

Peace and love


  1. I apologise to Tommy. I do desperately want him for the scat/cymbals position in the band so I need to stay on his good side.

  2. :P please can i scat too?? i even wanna name my first child 'skiddily-bop'...