Monday, 5 July 2010

Be Mine

That's a demand xD
Just downloaded Peacock tail under MG's instruction...had to go back and edit that cuz i wrote Mg...and although I'm not completely sure, I am in fact fairly certain that Jamie won't burn with a bright, white light. Maybe we'll have to test it. Sorry, goodness i'm evil today...

Can't remember whether I told anyone this...actually i probably did...ANYWAY, I got a book on yoga at Christmas and I finally have suitable music on my iPod for it so maybe i'll make time for doing nothing *yoga* and try out some hideously embarrassing moves xD Maybe i should youtube it...actually no...that's too mortifying for comprehension.
oooh, btw when i meant suitable music i was referring to BoC...I've got some random meditation music on CD up in my room but tbh, i just cbb to go up there and then wait for itunes to sort through's so much easier to just download. Now that the weather's nice i can take my exercise matt out into the garden and have a go.
Yes I like sunsets, Eloise, deal with it. >:[
She doodled over three pages in my planner, mocking my love of the sun's burning iridescence as it says "see you later" to the clouds and heads off to bed...

I have a cow. His name was Mr. Moo Derek Face cuz I was foolish enough to ask Talitha, Louise, Cazzi, Hattie and Zoe what I should name him...I've decided to rename him Gerri xD
Gerri the cow. mooooooooooooooo. xD
Does everyone here know You Grew On Me by Tim Minchin? Great song. Thing about tim minchin is that he's really talented at song writing, singing and composing *as well as actually playing*...btw he's done the music for that Matilda play that's heading for the west end...but he's also feck-funny! seriously, he's such a great comedian. I love him and Demetri Martin too. I adore Demetri Martin's style but's more his name than anything *not really but you know, I just LOVE the name Demetri*

Omgosh...Anne Hatheway by Carol Anne's explicit but in a romantic way...It's sort of sweet and it's a great poem but it was so wrong when we were analysing it...I mean honestly, Mrs. Gibbs, lovely, sweet, kind and mumsy Mrs. Gibbs talking about sex...just wrong. so wrong.

According to Horatio I love hardcore ****jobs....-_-'
I disappeared at break to wash it off of my arm...yeah, that didn't look weird at all.

I had my hair so messy today and I got loads of compliments! I was just trying to make it anythign other than flat and lifeless.

OOOhhh, Hope everyone's french went well today, i know that some people were freaking out over it :/

Oooh, btw, my first born child *regardless of gender* will be named Samosa...xD

that's probably everythign now...

OOOH...finally rehearsed in our drama rehearsal! tomorrow after school too :D still nervous about wednesday. ah feckk, gotta take all the props for tomorrow :/ yeah, i'm not gonna look odd hiking cushions up to school...course not.
apparently katy perry's california girls is still number one. meh.

Oh how I'd love to be Tim Minchin's sister...from another mum and mister...but still, his sister! I want to be a Minchin and he's awesome and great but regrettably he's married so i can't see him that i'll settle for being his sister...I can have the backcombed hair and kooky guyliner but i suppose on me you'd just call it eyeliner and i'll even turn my back on Britain and call myself an Aussie, i'll even work on the accent...but it won't be that good. but i'll try my best so hopefully it'll come together with the rest cuz i really wanna be his sister. even though i've got two brother's I could always use another...'specially if his name's Tim Minchin...cuz I wanna be his sister....YEAH! *jazz hands*

Goodness, that was long and I swear I said that i'd said it all about a year ago. ah wells.

Peace and love


  1. We're not looking at Carol Ann Duffy, I believe. We're doing Seamus Heaney instead, an Irish poet who's actually quite good.

    The 'Mg' joke took me a LONG time to figure out.

  2. Hehe, yeah, I distinictly having conversations along these lines about Tim Minchin... what, house drama 2008? xD Still think he's awesome though. I listened to Storm the other day! :D

  3. sorry, my jokes are notoriously not funny...:/
    omgosh! i LOVE storm!! so good, right?
    a nine minute beat poem... xD