Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I just posted a comment on Mg's *i won't do that joke again -_-'* blog and the password thingy was 'racounmi'...sounds like 'racoon me'...what is this world coming to? naughty naughty.
I'm so into saying Naughty Naughty now xD

OMGOSH!!!!! TOMMMY!!!!! *three M's xD* to go with our THREE hours!! Before the holiday is out, we will manage four!!! pat on the back for us though, eh? xD I had to creep back upstairs afterwards...well nervous about waking everyone up :o

Errrrrmmmm....I've been out ALL day and i've done nothing...isn't that just how holidays go though?? I ask loads of tag questions, don't i? xD apparently it's a common girly thing to do...

We went to Penrhos nature reserve today...pretty nice...the woods smelt like leaves and rain...mmmmmmmmmm
We went past a little ruined gun turret thang or summat...anyways...with the overhanging tree branches and the green leafy haze i jus thought it'd be the perfect set for a pic of me for my facebook profile so i asked my mammy to take a pic of me...so of course, naturally, my brothers and dad leapt into the shot...boys suck. grrrrrrr xD we got some nice pics though...

aw, my poor mam...she's got shortened nerves or summat and it's giving her real problems with her feet and walking so i dunno whether we'll be able to go up the mountain this year :/
i'm trying to persuade Ange to take me through town tomorrow but he hates taking me shopping...tbh i really don't blame him...i taker forever to maek up my mind which is why i don't do you know, proper *Richard's right, italics feel great to write in*, shopping when i'm out with friends!!

Sorry, i'm a noisy drinker, Tommy... :/ but that hot chocolate was GOOD xD

are you feeling any better today? go have a lemsip...or as my oh so caring big brother might say...'walk it off'...-_-' not helpful...

ERRRRMMM...."i thought that you were more...er...intellectually...intellectual...than that." smooth.

Have you heard 'let me hear you scream' by ozzy osbourne? it's farily recent and pretty good...crap video though...it's just sort of embarrassing...

Hey, Staples, if you're reading this...when are you heading of to...Colorado *?* ?
and i know that you're going somewhere remote since you felt the need to tell me that you'd be relieving yourself in vegetation along the way but if you were able to fetch me a paper i'd really appreciate it...i'll actually have room to put them up in my new room...i wanna plaster the focal wall in my bedroom with newspaper cuttings, in a border or something...that's if i'm allowed to do my own decorating...i should be allowed too...and tommy, i'd love you to come around...i migt be able to pester my parents but there is NOT A CHANCE that you're getting anywhere near a paintbrush...you SUCK at painting...ahem...not offence... :P

Ange just handed me a glass of watermelon bacardi breezer so i'm off...
Hope everyone and every little thing is gooooood :D

Peace and love
p.s <3>


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  2. ...Is claustrophobia the fear of walls?

  3. Fear of small spaces.

    I've realised that the last couple of posts on here have been me lecturing Tommy.

    If only, Tommy, when you were posting that comment you had access to some gigantic wealth of information that when you type a word, or even 'search' a word, it would give you the definition.

    Sorry, being a little bit of a smart arse there. I apologise.