Sunday, 18 July 2010

Smells like haggis...

I spent about an hour making a card earlier and i still have another one to make. oh yes. sprawled across the living room floor with felt tip pens and paints and coloured pencils. GOOD THING.
I've got bunches of arty stuff but i barely ever use my charcoal pencils or graphite favourite thing is probably my felt-tips which were ridiculously cheap on sale from sainsbury's. it's a set of 24 but i took them to school once and lost my favourite shade of blue so now there are only 23 and i never take them to school anymore...
Anyways, I just finished making a big card for Mr. Home-Cook to say thanks and i need to make a Good-Luck one for Mr. Barnes-Mathews cuz he's taking a new teaching job in spain. SPAIN. I didn't even know he could speak Spanish. None of our tutors have ever kept us. I feel so rejected. woe is me. nah, he's a cool bloke but he's gotta so whatever he thinks is right to do with his life and i wish him all the best.
My new lipgloss is supposed to taste of raspberry but it doesn't but that's okay because it's still quite pretty.
OH and like i told tommy on the phone yesterday, i got some new nailvarnish so i did my nails, then my mum's nails and i was really bored so then i did my dad'd as well xD he was pink and white flowers now, just like mine and mum's xD He seemed rather shocked when they didn't wash off...I don't think he realised that nail varnish lasts quite a while...

yup, still smells like haggis.

errrrm...HA two hours on the phone last night!! OOH TOMMMYYYY, i didn't hang up or slap the phone, I swear it! The battery died. soz, babes. :P
catch up with the last episode of the IT crowd...'twas goood

not looking forward to tomorrow. ISA and IT...great...
stilll, tuesday will be fine, wednesday will be better and then thursday's bound to be great...friday's gonna be busy and saturday will be vair biring for the most part.

almost finished reading "twenties girl" by sophie kinsella, i wanna finish it today so that i can give it back to hattie tomorrow...It's a pretty sweet story, sorta predictable but it's just a nice, light summer read :)
gosh i feel tired.
my next door neighbours leave their kids out to play in the garden really early and they play really loudly.
^^angry moustache-y-ode man

hmmm...OOOH, you know i said i was making cards? well, to make the cards i had to by BIG card from Rymans and they rolled it up for me....which was very helpful and i appreciate it BUT i was expecting them to put a laccy band around it so i could fit it into my canvas bag but then they put it into a REEEEAAAALLY LONG poly-bag! now, a) i didn't want to have to use a poly-bag and b) it was really long so i couldn't carry it around properly. I'm only 5ft. 4" and a qaurter *that quarter's very important to me!!* but it meant that if i were to carry the bag comfortably it would be dragging on the floor so i had to hoist it around in a most unlady-like manner. in hindsight it ouwld have been the last thing i'd have bought.

Rant over.

now, onto a new rant. I had to get a new comb too cuz i lost my blue comb in school :( this is my third comb this year so if i lose it i will be very upset. it's just like the blue one but orange...I preferred the blue one. i rather like blue.

smells rather strongly of haggis.

see, haggis tastes really good but thinking about what's in it is rather off-putting so i tend to try to put it out of my mind :/

i should probably get going soon. OH CRAP. I just remembered i need to plan out what i'm going to say as chairperson.

just remembered somethign else i need to do.... :(

Peace and love


  1. I'd never really thought of the tutor thing that way.


  2. if my 6th form tutor doesn't keep me for both lower and upper sixth, i shall demand compensation to cover the therapy sessions that i shall inevitably end up needing due to the deep lying feeling of rejection.
    that was long-winded.