Friday, 11 June 2010


For some stupid reason I can't post comments on people's blogs at the moment. great.
I wanted to ask robert why he texted me:
I wanted to ask jamie what the name of his track of the week was and also tell him that i was gonna say hi but then he ran across the road and i didn't want to distract him and get him run over. and also, i like your blog's make over.

i don't actually really feel like going out tonight. I feel cold and tired and i want to tug my blanket around myself and snooze on the couch. blah blah blah blah blah.

"I'm just a guy who never tried,
I'm just a stupif f**k with brilliant luck
and sometimes a bright idea,
so shower me in compliments and verse I don't deserve.
I might run but i'll never hide."

that's from Hangman by Motion City Soundtrack.

Today was not terrible. I hate the weather. what i wouldn't do for some sunshine.

eurgh i've had the human centipede described to me over the past two days and i have to tell you that it makes me feel close to crying with just how repulsive it is.

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  1. The track was named Dayvan Cowboy. Don't ask me what that means.

    That's extremely annoying about commenting. I remember that whole period of time when I couldn't comment, but that ironically created a whole new difference to Poetry Arty Stuff, because I started writing personal posts on there, making it more interesting.

    So, swings and roundabouts. Either way you're gonna get dizzy.

    AHH! History! Need to stop constantly worrying or I won't have a good weekend otherwise...