Saturday, 12 June 2010

So, swings and roundabouts. Either way you're gonna get dizzy.

I like that xD

Okay, everyone who decided to post something LAST NIGHT and give me FECK LOADS to read THIS MORNING. It's YOUR FAULT if i FAIL my HISTORY EXAM on TUESDAY.

Okay, breathe, I'm done with the cyber shouting.
I bought a new comb this morning from the body shop. it's wooden. i love wooden stuff like figurines and beads 'n' stuffle.
I've got a wooden figurine of a girl standing in the wind, holding a water vase....her head came off when i was wayyyyy younger....she was once my mama's...anyways...her head's held on with blue-tack. oops. i don't think i was the one who broke her. maybe it was a mouse; it was up in the attic for a while and the mice find all of our things very tasty. They ate loads of our christmas decorations last year. We had those little fake robbins to stick on the tree and they just looked hideously and ange still put some on the tree for a laugh xD
it made me giigle just to think about it :P
Hey tommy MA BITCH, i started reading that book you leant me on thursday...i'm a couple stories in...I'm not really big on short stories and I HATED Sarsaparrilla...that bloke was creepy...but it's pretty good thusfar :) I love saying that.

ooooh, don't suppose you have...but has anyone heard of Michael Schulte. He's a youtube star and offers free downloads of his originals and covers. Anyways, I downloaded a couple a tracks from him last night and I've fallen in love with his cover of Zombie by the cranberries and his orignal, "Autumn means I'm falling" He's a talented guy and deserves a listen. I'll send you the mp3's if you like.

erm....I suppose that's actually pretty much all from me.
ooooh, there's a hedghog that lives under the shed in our front garden. My folks call him Munchie cuz he doesn't close his mouth when he's eating and he enjoys snails. a lot. thankfully, I can't hear him cuz my bedroom's in the back.

ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. I REALLY dislike my new neighbours! They have some fecking annoying fascination with DIY at 6am on saturdays!!! IT'S NOT FAIRRRRRRRRRRR >:[ My mom says that once they've finished doing their DIY we may just, per chance, stumble upon the requirement of a spot of our own DIY. we'll make it 5am. bastards.

COOLBEANS *anyone who's seen Hot Rod will get that reference...fecking awesome film...i'd liken it's style to Napoleon Dynamite but it's totally different when it comes to plot really...anyway, i love the COOLBEANS exchange that Rod has with his brother Kevin when they're making up after an argument! *

Right, I'm up to date with Dollar Jam *go me* and i'm one of just two followers. er, why??!?!?!?!? go and follow the fecking the blog!

Peace and love and hugs and kisses too


  1. I'm very sorry for pesterment, especially so close to the exam.

    Yes, I think everyone was very excited about blog makeovers and wrote a lot of posts, which was quite annoying.

    Ah well. I like Rob's pictures.

  2. I think my favourite bit in that film is 'Who would win in a fight between a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a taco?'
    ...Looked on MSN recently, by any chance? Not that there's anything to look for...

    Hehehehehehehehehehehehe :P

  3. haven't loooked on msn recently...what have you done?!?!?!?! did you change your naem again or something? DID YOU CHANGE MY NAME?!?!?!?
    ...i can't be bothered to look right now...omgosh, and then when he has his out of body experience the taco totally beats up the grilled cheese sandwich xD
    The worrying thing about rob's pictures is that the troll-thing was disfigured whilst he was on the phone to me...what am i supposed to make of that? xD
    I like his holiday pics though, they were cool :P