Sunday, 6 June 2010

C'est l'anniversaire de ma mére aujourd'hui!

Anyone doing French, feel free to harrass me on my grammar :D

Today's my mama's birthday though...she was being utterly foolish and i told her to act her age...she pouted and insisted, "I shall act my shoe size!!"
...she's a five.

I bought her presents yesterday...I'm not that awful, i knew what i wanted ot get her... i just hadn't gotten around to buying them yet is all...

I sliced my leg open about 20 minutes ago. that's a massive exageration. I have a little scrape around my ankle. Me and my brothers and our folks were taking a wander down by the river *doncha know?* and I sorta caught my leg on some sorta plant thing and it tugged at the skin of my leg. sorta stings a bit :/

We saw ginger swans...
I'm not sure whether it was natural or whether they'd just rubbed their heads onto the golden sand banks but heck, THEY WERE GINGER.
teehee, reminded me of dr. who last night Vincent VanGogh and Amy Pond's child, "The ultimate ginger"..."The ultimate Ginge"

ergle. My brown dye's washing out and that odd yellowish colour's coming back, soon I will be called ginger. fabby. I just really can't be bothered to re-dye it :/ bleurgh. i sorta like this colour anyway. if my roots get really bad then I will though.

only a ginger can call another ginger, ginger,
just like only a ninja can sneak up on another ninja...

I LOVE Tim Minchin...most awesome ginger ever...sorry Jamie :P

That's all folks!

Peace and love

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  1. Your french grammar is SHIT. I wouldn't use it as toilet paper. Only joking; I don't actually do French (anymore) so it looks alright to me.