Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Mrs. Casino

...ask tommy....
btw, is there a way i can make an emotion raising one eyebrow on here? hmmmmmmm


Ergle, I had my first history exam today! It was the surgery paper which we've been working towards most recently so it's still pretty darn fresh in my mind...NOT looking forward to the medicine one next week :/
I managed to finish in the time but i didn't get a chance to check it...i think i did ok...well, i'm really hoping that i did anyway because i can't hack the thought of having to retake this time next the moment, my only sustaining thought is that TG i'm 1/4 through the GCSE xD

hmmm...I KNOW there was SOMETHING i was going to tell you ABOUT but i can't think what so YOU'll have to wait...


I'm kidding but how many paranoid people reading this thought that I was talking about them for that dreaded second of icey blood and heart stopping, eh?!?!?!

ALLLLLLL that she wants is another baaaaaaaaaaby.
catchy song.

errrrrrrm...GOSH DARN IT STRAIGHT TO HECK *:)* I have to do Latin work tonight...I'll do it after dinner...I should have it done quite comfortably before the apprentice is on.
I heard about the series starting from a podcasr i was listening to but I forgot when it was starting so i got into this series two weeks late but i'm quite enjoying it...besides, it's hardly a drama that starts where its previous episode left off.
oooh, i AM making eloise facebook on friday...i don't care what she says... xD
If she seriously does hate me for it i'll get rid of it though. anyway, it's not like i'd put anything relaly mean up or anything...*evil grin-mwahahahahahaha*

Mr. Home-Cook made gun powder with his parents' coffee grinder when he was our age...told my group so in drama today. mmm hmmm.
yuppety yup.

oooooh, i just remembered what i wanted to tell you!!! *go me*
I FINALLY finished reading In The Woods by Tana French. I think that this was the first time in AGES that i'd read a novel without a happy ending and this, it has to be said, was the grimmest of the grim.
An evil bitch doesn't get proscuted, a charming (if somewhat roubled) man loses the love of his life, never remembers how his childhood friends disappeared and had he carreer as a detective ruined forever.
wow. that's a real summer read.
nah, it was a good book. very good, actually. It's well written and I was ble to get int0 the head of Rob Ryan really well...but maybe i could empathise with him because "he" wrote in a feminine manner, with a web of intricate feelings and underlying thoughts....
I recommend this books.
My grandma lends me all of the bestest books, love her :D

errrrrrrm....i reckon that's about all my pearly-wisdomy-things for today!
Peace and love


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  2. awwwwwww! i HATE it when people remove their's liek when you can't hear what someone says and then they're like, "oh, it doesn't matter" :S

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