Friday, 4 June 2010

Hate to jinx it but...

Tommy may not kill me after all since i don't think he's read that other post...yet...

I never really reckoned as to what jamie might have to say about it, however, since he has only ever struck me once, and not by choice....he wasused as a battering ram against me *much to his own displeasure* so i think i'm safe on that front.

Besides, if you two were truly comfortable with your sexuality then yo'd be able to cope with a little friendly gay propaganda, right lads? xD
i love you guys :P

I'm at Louise's right now :D Today has been so fecking epic, love love love!

errrrrrrrrrm...harvey's tomorrow...can't wait :P

I'm in love with a fariytale even though it hurts.
*quoting a eurovision song= uber cool*

Peace and love

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