Saturday, 26 June 2010

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth...

I only downloaded it yesterday and I've listened to Hide and Seek near on thirty times. maaaaaaaan.
...i also downloaded Teenage Dirtbag xD
Rachel and I were singing it in tutorial the other day and it was a right laugh.

I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby,
Come with me Friday, don't say maybe,
Cuz I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby,
like you. oooooooh ooooh ooh

xD love it!! It's terriffically terrible.


I stink. of perfume. but i sprayed loads. so it stinks.

ahahahahahaha, IT crowd..."Shithead of the year award" dang, that needs to be a real award!

I'm really dreading the mods in monday. i sucks so badly at physics, i can't stand it. still, i have those mods, my drama performance and THAT'S IT! ...asides from my english coursework but i'm enjoying writing that so it doesn't count as work. it's my orginal piece :D I may or may not post it up here....depends on whether or not I get a decent grade for it.

aw man, i was painting last night and i got paint on my school blouse and all up my arm...i still have some there now. I can't paint the fecking sun. and i can't study the sun to get a better look :/ still, i have an idea and i may try it out after dr. who tonight :D

am i the only person that doesn't like River Song? she's so annoying!! I so want a happy ending for Amy and Rory, they should get married like they were going to before the Doctor landed...
do you reckon the dream lord's gonna make another appearance?? :S hmmmm

I was woken up rather early this morning :/ i remember looking at the clock at 6.49 am :/ That's earlier than a school day for me. It's not right, i tell you! Not right to be awoken so very early on a saturday :(

I'm gonna be revising and working all afternoon and tomorrow. fun times. -__-'

Peace and love
p.s there's an odd noise coming from outside of the's like a lorry yawning :S


  1. I love Teenage Dirtbag! It was one of my favourite songs in Year 9! Dangit, I need to listen to it again...

    And I also find River Song really annoying. I dunno what it is, she's just got... one of those faces.

  2. The only person? The people who like her are the minority...

    Talking of River Song btw