Monday, 21 June 2010

Summer Solstice

Did you know that? Heard it on the weather forecast just now :/ aw heck, it's gonna be getting up to some crazy number like 26 this week. I'm really hoping that it won't be this hot when we're doing the chemistry and physics modules come monday! I'm gonna need to slap on the sun screen again. hmmm. Actually, i quite like my sun smells really sweet like chocolate and orange :) still a hassle every morning though :/
Now Everyone, let's MARMALISE!

I stared vacantly out from frozen eyes at the shards of shattered glass that now lay strewn across the tiles of my kitchen floor. My hands quivered feverishly at my sides as the acrid stench of the jar's contents caught at the back of my throat. I had been so certain that the jar I'd pulled from the fridge was jam. I had been so certain, so utterly convinced that this would compliment my toast so perfectly. I felt violated by the truth. Mum had bought marmalade. Again.
I was horrified.

Right, Jamie? xD



OMGOSH!!! I can't believe that I forgot for so long to tell you guys!

Nah, not really, just wanted to see the look n your face...actually i can't see you...once again the joke has been negated by this dratted blog.

Anyways, what I was really going to say was that I walked into the kitchen the other night and greeted my dear mama thus, "I have arrived."
My mum looked at me in a manner that suggested I had evoked a wondrous sense of profound thought within her...she replied, "That's odd. That's exactly what you said when you were born!"

She then proceeded to impersonate Baby Kate -_-'

OOOOOOOOOOH Caroline, honey, sweetie, darling! You do not have internet at this present moment in time but when you get it, I hope you read this. LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU xD I think that audition went quite well, I hope we get in! thank you thank you thank you for performing with me! YOU ROCK!!!

urgh, my husband Morgan was one of the sixth formers judging the auditions. goodness.

:O *gasp!* Andre Michaels-Carter is now SINGLE ladies and gentlemen. Just read so on facebook. Do I care, I hear you ask...nah, not really. :D

Right, I'm being serious, follow the fecking blog thank you :)

Hey, tommy, you told me that you sucked at science. YOU LIEEEEEEE! I saw your class register, you got a B!! so hush the treachery of your lips!

Peace and love

p.s PANGAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :D Very awesome word to say. very awesome. fills me with great try-umf-ant happiness :D
p.p.s I heat up, i cooooool down. xD


  1. Please, stop the forcing and pressure, I don't mind about following.

    I only wanted around 3 to read it, and now that I've been informed that Tommy will read it once everything is over, it's all fine.

    And P.S I don't know why I used the word horrified. I was sort of exaggerating.

  2. that was soooooo funny xD I love the idea of you literally being horrified by a fruity conserve :D
    hey, i've only done the force and pressure thing twice!!
    ...rule of three...
    river was so epic today