Thursday, 24 June 2010

mmmmmmmmmmmm, whatcha say?

urgh. I'm in one of those moods today. Did less than I wanted to do but have no motivation to do more. Today wasn't a bad day but i'm in a bad mood. Teen angst, perhaps?

iTunes smells. really bad.


I'm dang thirsty, i'm a swig down some tea in a mo :P

I should probably finish Philosophia for Latin and then maybe do some more revision for the science mods.
I think that "science mods" sounds far cooler than exams. :D

eeeeeeep Michael Schulte is ma friend on facebook xD love him so much!!!
he is so talented and his songs really...speak to me


I'm real hungry but the din dins be not ready til the time of 5.30. rah.

Ha, tommy, still got yer ten o' hearts. mwa hahhahahahhahaha

Right, Blogger sucks, i can't turn of bold....

I know what to paint now :P inspiration hit me like a frying pan.
I swam onto a rock yesterday xD

go me.

the dust has only just begun to form crop circles in the carpet...


Peace and love