Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Hattie's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday if ya readin' dis, darlin'!! xD

I've sucha fabby day!

-accidentally *on purpose...nah not really* flashed Eloise in physics...
-Bared all *in a bikini* in the river with Cazzi xD
-got many huggleseseseseses
-louise...i'm going to break you :/

love you really^^

omgosh, Summer!!! I love you so much for rescuing my clothes from talitha!!! you are very fabby xD


You will pay the ultimate price.

*i'm not gonna say anymore...i think i'll just leave it all like whoa and just wing it from there really...but seriously, i'm gonna break you and wahey! I just ...what was it, jamie? "jamoned" *?* you with your own put down. ooooooooooh.*

Gotta do Latin work...I've been putting it off for as long as possible but now it's time to face the music...well...that textbook anyhooble *haven't said that in ages!*

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and bury them beneath the sea...

Peace and LOVE *such a good day*

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  1. Heard the song before and I remember liking it. I think I know someone who went to see them live...