Monday, 28 June 2010

I'm am hella tired

I'm really into saying hella now :)

It's a fez...fezzes are cool.

I LOVE Matt Smith, was that not the single best delivery of a line EVER?!

Gosh, I'm just so knackered from the heat! All i have any inclination to do right now is sleep/

oooh, do you remember when I was kidding about moving like just a week ago or something? well, my folks have found a house they like, we all just went to see it and it's really nice so we've put in an offer of the full asking price! I might be moving afterall.

Gosh, I know that you guys would miss me all so much but no's only 20 minutes walk from where i live right now xD

I'm not very pleased with how my chemistry mod went but i think i did alright on the physics. I hate to jinx it though incase i've gone and failed the both of them completely :/

Please place a rang around the applicable answer:
Male_______Female_______Toilet Monster

mmm hmmm, there is now a third gender which can be abbreviated rather nicely to TM which also fits fairly eloquently into "I'm a be" by the black eyed peas..."I'm a Tm, I'm a TM, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a TM!"


does anyone know what's number 1? i missed the chart yesterday but it'd be hella funny if it was still Shout since England were pwned so badly by Germany.
Lampard's goal should have been counted but Germany was still waaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

Doctor Who was epic. Tommy, I'm a fight you.
seriously, i owe you a rugby tackle xD btw, i've never rugby tackled anyone before so this oculd end badly :P

Peace and love
p.s.: Ellie told me about the elephants on Friday...hadn't heard of it before so maybe you haven't either. looks amazing.


  1. I've seen a couple of the elephants, in the Saatchi gallery I think.

  2. 'I'ma fight you'? No fair! I'm a pacifist!

    Oh. Just remembered...that time I floored you doesn't count. I... tripped...