Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Now dance, fucker, dance, man I never had a chance and no one ever knew that it was really only you....

"You're gonna go far good" by The Offspring

love it xD

'tis one miss green's birthday on the morrow. we're going to head up to the rooooof :D Gap or Virgin Media or summat. I love rooves. *that is right isn't it? things with f's go to V when plural, right? hmmmmm...looks wrong :/*

You probably know The Offspring better for Pretty Fly (For a white guy)

Have you seen that new ad about designating a driver on a night out from budweiser?? i like it xD

I'm really liking "Not Afraid" by Eminem right now...

Rehearsing for drama was such a fail after school. NO ONE could be bothered. I still have to revise and I still need to do that fecking ridiculous latin h/w :/

btw, has anyone seen the new video from Gaga, Alejandro
she really has outdone herself this time. MESSED UP!
There's explicit dancing, interesting costume change and a rather strange ending...her face like...melts or disintergrates or summat.
I recckon that the way her make-up and head gear and costume *and also the way the pieces have all been edited together for that matter..just the general kinda theme* have been styled in this vid are kinda reminiscent of Marilyn Manson...take a look at the vid for one of my fave Marilyn Manson tracks, "The Nobodies"

Know what, telling a girl that her hair looks "sorta f**ked up" really doesn't do anything for said girl's self esteem but no worries, karma 'n' all that...you might just understand one day.

we're dead but know just who we are...

i need to go and wash my hair, it's full of hair spray.

I've drunk 3 cups of tea today, i'll have another a little later.

thing is...drinking so much means that I need the loooooooooo :/
*thought i'd share cuz i'm generous*

SO looking forward to Thorpe Park, 'tis gonna be fantastiche methinkles xD

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