Wednesday, 16 June 2010


...Eloise got 91% compatibilty with "a snail" on the love calculator xD

good times.

...i got 99% with Nicole Jackson's alias >:[ Eloise says that i need to ask him out now. that is so not happening. he's sorta narcissistic :/ bleurgh
Can i be somebody to you?
er...i really can't think of much to say :/

someone once told me the grass is much greener on the otherside, well i paid a vist and though it's possible i missed it, it seemed different but exactly the same. till further notice, till further notice, i'm inbetween, i'm in between, from where i'm standing, from where i'm standing, my grass is green.

does anyone know what that's from? xD

Peace and love

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  1. A quick google search showed it to be 'As told by the ginger' by Marcy Gray.