Monday, 14 June 2010

"Spot the rapist"....

mmm hmmmm.
basically, for our theatre studies taster lesson we got into pairs and interpretted a short section from the first scene of a play called "The Caretaker" by Harold Pinter...*i think*
Each of the seven groups did the scenes completely differently but all of the group ended up pointing out which of each pair was most sinister and thus; the rapist.
oh yes, A-levels...who's the rapist?
It could be the new "where's wally?"!
...or not...

Council was a fail. ten minutes of discussion and the the best part of an hour of doss.

English language was pretty awesome. I reckon that if i do do an english at a-level i'll probably end up doing english literature purely because i'm actually really into creative writing but then again the A2 course for language has a part on child development and how we actually learn to speak which would go well with my possible choice of psychology if i do end up wanting to be a doctor since i could do chemistry, biology, pschology and english language.
i'm confused.

thing is, i WANT to do something big and helpful like being a doctor but then....i'm only okay at the subjects where as i'm actually rather rather good at englishes and drama....i'm so confused. TG i have another year to contemplate my future.

At least if i do deciode that i dn't want t be a doctor after all, those subjects would put me in good sted for a bunch of other careers.
ftr, mr. houghton is an awesome teacher. i've never had him in a proper sit-down lesson, i had him when he was still a trainee and that was for drama so this was interesting.

Jamie's awakened my fascination with the peculiar, i've been watching bunches of BoC vids on youtube...strange.
I downloaded dayvan cowboy and hey saturday sun...i also intend on getting roybiv and sixtyten.
the video for everything you do is a balloon is seriously creepy. seriously.
it's taken from a cycling safety vid from the 60's. very strange.
i was listening to them in bed last night. weird stuff happens when you listen to BoC in the dark when you're sleepy. weird, weird things.

I have my medicine and treatment exam for history tomorrow. what a lot of the modern world lot don't realise is that our course actually requires practicals for the exams so that's why a lot of us looked quite so out of it when we left the surgery exam last week...amputating a patient's arm ain't easy, especially when you can't sedate him; let me tell you!
nervous nervous.

I did some revision in my free period today *get me* cuz EVERYONE ELSE had theirs either 4th of 5th :/

Peace and love


  1. I once amputated a guys arm for fun. He was a bit annoyed with me, because I ate it instead of stitched it back on. OH WELL <---I'm mocking your variant of this saying.

    I'll miss today; it was like you didn't have much responsibility and you could do whatever you wanted. Also, the lessons were a lot more quiet and smaller than usual, so they were more fun. Did anybody else get that impression??

    I'm going to go and eat a slice of cheese now. REMEMBER, KAYTEI, YOU OWE ME A 5MM CUBE OF CHEESE FOR SOME REASON.

  2. Oh no, it's started. (The BoC addiction, that is). Just as a warning, Roygbiv is good and happy, Sixtyten is pure evil (and for the sake of sanity keep away from any tracks from an album named Geogaddi)...

    Anyway, that aside, was that child development thing for English Language? I'm really torn between doing Literature or Language, or both (but this would mean I would have 3 subjects with Mr. Houghton, which I wouldn't mind). But I think I need a bit of variety. I'm not sure...

    History! I'm keeping relatively calm, those facts are actually really helpful, since I think I'm fine with answering questions, it's just the amount of knowledge that's overwhelming me.

  3. Ooo Geogaddi, this sounds fun...