Sunday, 13 June 2010


made them into shorts xD
trimmed my hair last night.... no one actually noticed...feels a bunch shorter to me...much better condition though...still have yet to finish my latin h/w; 2 more sentences to translate. fun.
you know how people have taken to actually saying the word "lol" instead of laughing...I now intend to begin saying, "smiley face"
good times.
i love my new comb.
and also my new hairspray.
It's called "Stiff Enuff" and it's from a company called "Beyond the zone"
I'm just gonna give you a minute to ponder on that one...
made me and Ange laugh xD It's actually pretty good hairspray and it's an atomiser so it doesn't have all the gas of an aerosol and i can recycle the plastic bottle once i'm done with it :) good times.
my tummy space is so full :(
I need to stop eating so much!! Last night, I walked into my kitchen and ate EVERYTHING and as i discussed with cazzi and Summer, the toaster tasted awesome :P
right...really should get on with my latin work...

ooooh, on the timetable for sixth form taster day tomorrow, we've only been assigned three lessons so i've heard from people that we're getting two free periods. I will be wise and use one of said free periods to enrich my miond with knowledge of historical stuffle in prep for tuesday, oh, that will be fun...:o

Peace and love

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