Friday, 18 June 2010

My school report had a bird go and plop on it D:

Still, it could be worse...I could be Tony Hayward.
ooooooooooooooooooooooooh xD
Did anyone catch any of that hearing yesterday? I saw bits and pieces and he just seemed completely unprepared and he kept saying "i can't recall" and his tone of voice was frustratingly nonchalent.
For anyone who doesn't know, Tony Hayward is the guy whose ass Obama wants to kick. AKA the CEO of BP.
What a t**t how on Earth could he do something so high risk without having a bleeding back up plan. I have back up plans for outfits to wear *only to special occasion...i'm not that sad* but there wasn't a back up plan for if a MAHOOSIVE disaster like this happened. what the hell??!?!?
and though it's important to be getting someone to put their hands up and admit that they cut corneres and caused the problem so as people can start being paid compensation...I think it's more important-at this time- for them to be focusing upon the clean up...things with that are apparently working okay at the moment though, right? :S

i dunno.

I just think that right now, Tony Hayward's probably one of the most hated men around. Imagine how hard it is for his friends and family though. Having to look him in the eye and hide their disappointment, their resentment.

Right, my tutor said that I "don't form friendships easily" which I found rather insulting and asked him to change it so he is :D He apolagised and said that he hadn't intended to cause offense. that's cool. he's actually a really nice bloke to have as a tutor.

errrrrrm...OOOH! for drama, my group now has until july 7th to rehearse! SO HAPPY xD I've been freaking out maaaan!!! :D

in other news...Rachel and Kate's petition for early school closure next wednesday in order to watch the England vs. Algeria *?* match passed!!

so, will i be watching it?
Heck no. It's Hattie's birthday then so a bunch of us will be towning after school and having a top laugh.

I'm Luke, I'm five and my dad's bruce lee, drives me round in his JCB...


I love that song so muhc, i couldn't stand it when it first came out but that was five years ago and tastes change.

aw man, there's a robin who hangs around our garden and he's going bald :( his feathers are all straggly and his head's completely bare. I don't know a lot about animals but i think he must be ill :( I hope he'll be okay.

Hello Delilah xD

Have a gorgeous weekend
Peace and love


  1. I'm so glad about the Drama thing. Ours is in two weeks time, not three, but it's much better than it being next week.

  2. this post is so random, I love it


    that was so epic summer xD
    ... smelt like liquorice...
    and matt's ict teacher looks like squidwort :D

  4. In this blog post, you mention the clean up of the oil spill. A subject that happens to be a subject very close to my heart. I can confirm, that the clean up is in action, though progress is very slow.
    Hun, I haven't read your blog for like a week, so I'm catching up. I havent read the later ones, so I'm sorry if my comments are outdated.