Thursday, 17 June 2010

As Told by Ginger

I was telling Tommy about this on the telly fone last night xD

It was a cartoon that I watched when I was younger and I always loved that theme tune :P
I never knew the full song...just the cartoon...i wondered whether anyone else had seen it...
I loved it so much but then it got really sad :( see, the main character, Ginger, had a best friend named Daryl and they always sorta loved each other and they finally got together in highschool *you know when cartoons do those kinda spin off carry on type things like when Rugrats did All Grown Up??* but then Daryl got his braces off and joined the football team and became really cool and cheated on Ginger with a cheer leader and I don't remember a happy ending, I just remember the series ending really abruptly. It either got axed or I stopped watching it. That was a crap way to take the plot I mean seriously, this is a kids' cartoon, primarily aimed at girls and they made it take a really horrid dark twist. poor Ginger...she was a sweet girl.

ra ra ra ah ah
roma ro-ma ma
ga ga ooh la la
want your bad romance

that was especially for all the Gaga haters out there xD
thing is, her overplayed, commercialised album stuff kinda sucks but listen to her acoustic stuff and tell me she's not talented! it may not be yer cup a tea but honestly...her acoustic stuff kinda rocks xD

and she who sat upon the sidelines and watched life sidle on by lost touch with the show as she melted into the crowd. no one noticed.

hey, you know that daniel bedingfield song that has that line, "if you're not the one then why does my hand fit yours?" i like that song, that line was always poignant to me. I heard somewhere that you can tell all you need to know about a relationship from the first kiss, now i don't believ that because a first kiss can be pretty horrendous xD
my first kiss was with a boy named daniel maynard when i was four...but my first "proper" kiss came a couple years ago...
it was awful! i actually wiped my mouth on the back of my hand cuz it was all sloppy.
i'm losing my point..hang on...where was i....
oh right, so i don't believe that thing about a first kiss but i think that you can probably tell a lot from how your hand fits in the hand of that one you like :P and how you feel when you hold his/her hand... :)

this entry's been really soppy.
Eloise would gag if she read it xD

how does the world change in an istant?

you should never play with a girl's feelings.
especially if you like her.

i'm not your toy, this isn't another girl meets boy.

we looked so young, wee looked so happy, don't really know if we ever were.
i was the only one standing for all i knew you could be.

omgosh, TOMMMMMMMY! today was EPIC!! i love the mount but next time we'll go up that road....i hit hills :( i was so out of breath when we got to the top!
damn!! they didn't have cake! cake always makes everything better. If i could eat cakes throughout the exams i reckon i'd do a lot better, you know? my work might get a bit sticky though...the examiner might find it difficult to read it through cake smears actually.
yeah, probably not a great idea after all.
NOT looking forward to drama tomorrow. STRESSS. so stressful that i gave STRESSS three S's at the end. oh yeah.

Harvey's Jesus btw, did anyone know that...he's also ginger now...

P e a c e and l o v e


  1. Sounds to me like you're joking about the fact that I'm God, Jesus, the Devil, Lord Of Time, Lord Zaros, some guy in some band of which I cannot remember the name, a nitrogen-based lifeform, one of the only two members of my race who survived (the other's Kate), some strange werewolf thing and whatever else I've been named over the past few millenia. Oh, I also have a ring that lets me control people who really want it.

    That was an extremely long list, and I can't remember two words of spanish or any french.

    My life has just been summed up in one comment. You going to read Dementia on Sunday for some reason and again on the 28th for an epic post?

  2. About the cake, both the German and Spanish classes make and eat a cake during double lessons.

    Maybe you should do it in Latin, except probably not in the library lesson, that wouldn't be well received...