Friday, 31 July 2009

Home soon :(

Tomorrow I shall be leaving Wales and saying goodbye to my grandparents for another year. I hate having to say goodbye; it hurts too much. And the salt in my bullet wound is the 7 hour car journey home >:[ Ah well. Some parts of life suck but if they didn't then we wouldn't appreciate the good bits so much I suppose.
I must say thank you to Master C of J for becoming my 16th follower!! I'm really rather grateful! :D
I think that my family and I are doing alfresco lunching at Penrhos *pen-ross* beach later on today which shall be lurvely :)
I really ought to get off to pack my junk up ready to go home...

Peace and love

p.s 'tis Master T. E. of L's birthday today, yes?? well, happy birthday!!

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