Sunday, 26 July 2009

Darlings, a change of heart may be on the horizon.

I'm afraid to inform you that there is a growing chance that I may infact, not be jumping off of Mackenzie jetty. This is a sad time for all of us but out of sheer respect for you, I feel it is only right to explain myself properly. I have returned from a psyching session of gingerly peering off of the edge and I have to admit, IT SCARED THE LIVING EVERYTHING OUT OF ME! The wall jutts out about 3ft. on the way down, there are discarded trollies lying beneath the surface and a really rather frightening abundance of dead man's lace *a type of sea-weed so called because it wraps around your legs and any attempt to wriggle free merely entwines you further.* It looks terrifying. And freezing. And I don't have a wetsuit, all i'm equipped with is a simple cozzie from Asda *ching ching* so I may be in danger of catching hyperthermia of some shizz like dat boi.
mmm, went a-wandering with Ange and Wilfie this morning along the beach, Wilfie making an attempt to dig his way to China once he'd murdered any present seaweed. For those of you who aren't yet aware, I feel it is my duty to inform you that Wilfie is a springer spaniel. Ange is my older brother.
ooooh, My darling Grandma made Roast Beef for lunch, 'twas goooooooooood :D

I reckon that's about all I have to share with you atm...thank you for following me everyone!

Peace and love


  1. I hate the sound of Dead Man's Lace, but why not jump anyway? Probably when it gets warmer, because none of us want you to get Hyperthermia. Tell Andrew I said hi!

  2. i might still jump but I'm SCARED!!! it's nice and sunny today so i'll see how i feel later :o