Monday, 27 July 2009

Thank you

A thank you must be issued to one Master D. S. J. of W for his participation in following this blog...'tis much appreciated!
15 followers HAVE IT!! in you face Master Plod.

Well, here in Holyhead, we're having some glorious weather, sunshine, blue skies and the likes so perhaps later on today we'll be heading on over to Trearddur *tree-argh-thur* bay to go a-swimming in the briney deep...or something like that.

"To guild refined gold,
To paint the lily,
To pour perfume on the violet,
Is just fucking silly,
...Or something..." I love Tim Minchin so much; that's an extract from a beat poem of his entitled, "Storm". It's a mock up of a line of Shakespeare.

Right, I'm off to don my cossie to venture into the seeeeeeaaaaaaaaa :D jaaaaaaaaaa....whooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....ooh and we're getting chips!! No holiday to the British seaside would be complete without chips!!
There are a couple things I could never say goodbye to, one of the is chips. Another is white chocolate mice, they rock socks. And aniseed anything rocks my world.

Peace and love

p.s On the way to Trearddur bay I was nattering about this blog to my brother Ange and this is what he said, "Wow. You have more followers than Jesus did." it made me laugh xD
Just to remind you, Kaytei+cold water= crap idea...dunking myself in the sea was painfully cold :S but i might still be leaping off of Mackenzie Jetty at some point; the prospect of which scares the heck outta me but My Grandpa assures me that it's safe and far less frightening at high tide :D
p.p.s Mwahahahaha, the God of Hot refuses to follow so i'm guessing he doesn't read this so i can write whatever I fancy about him without him ever knowing...unless one of you tell him...but don't worry, i trust my followers not to utter a word to Him. So...the God of Hot? He's hot!! I guess the clue's in the name but still. He rocks my world...along with The Mexican Hat Dance xD And as I've bored Caroline with, there's not a thing I don't really like about him...apart from his insecurity of course but then again, my self-esteem ain't great so I can't go complaing about his now, can i?! How hypocritical *blurgh*
...I've written a lot...I'll leave you now :o
p.p.p.s oooh, yet another edit, verging on obsessed aren't i? Anyways, after a stroll along Newry Bay, watching various Holyhead-bangers leaping from Mackenzie Jetty, I've decided that I shall infact be jumping. However, I may be in a bikini as my cossie is a doesn't leave a lot to the imagination...if you catch my drift...ahem. So yeah. I'm thinking that the proof may be in video form rather than photo as it will be easier to capture the true extent of fear in my eyes on video...and you'll be able to hear me shriek. oooh and btw, I can only shriek properly when I'm genuinely shocked or scared...


  1. But does D S J of W even have a blog?

    Because if he doesn't, he shouldn't qualify in my book.

    Then again, a follower's a follower, I'm probably just saying this because of your wealth of followers that I have not accumulated.

    P.S. If you don't mind, could you join Poetry Arty Stuff? Unless of course you read the colours within and hated it, which is understandable.

  2. hiya jamie!!
    of course he should qualify as a follower, however, do younot agree that Master Plod should relinquish one of his followers as he himself, is following his own blog! Outrageous!
    er...i think i'm following it already but if i'm not i soon will be :)

  3. I follow my own blogs, but not in selfish insecurity, but in order for people to find my blogs when they click on my name.

    And in a sense, I want you to follow not for the glory, but for the knowledge that more than two people read it...

    Ah well, 9 followers on Mark Geranium (excluding myself), that's what's important...

    Btw, have you noticed I usually always end one of my comments with an ellipsis? I can't help doing it...

  4. Ellipsis's are awesome! I do them even when typing, whens it kind of unnessary because its not actually my voice and you can't pick up any emotion! Ha!

    White Choclate Mice and Chips are what god intended for this earth, FTW! Man, you've made me hungry just thinking about it...

    XD I had to lol at that thing about you having more followrs than jesus. Thats brilliant.

  5. ha, yeah, i thought that was pretty awesome and indeed an ellipsis is always good...i can't help but be plunged into despair though, have you read the news of robert's imminent departure from BLOGland?!