Sunday, 5 July 2009

Chessington was amazing

I went with the group from Mock Magistrates but mainly hung around with Kate :)
I had four ice creams and now feel sooooooo sick.
I saw lions, gorrilas and tigers and a bunch of reptiles too.
i went on dragon's fury...terrified me but it was worth it.

Do you know what? I'm really scared of rejection but i know it's gonna happen and it's inevitable so why and even try and avoid it. I'm so bored of kepping this a secret so I'm just gonna tell him on Monday...argh...Monday's tomorrow...that's a little scary :S but NO FEAR...I think this is something i should do and I should do it without my glasses as well.
*I really do feel sick*

and i have to tell someone else something know how life has many twists and turns and all that jazz? one day everything's cool and the next it's all completely different? yeah...some things change but other's don't. I'm rambling but my point is, some feelings, some emotions, they last forever and no, they never change.

*my head hurts*

i'm kinda writing a new story...i've only got the tiniest of parts so far but maybe i'll post it some time...depends...oh and i don't have a name for it so if i do post it; i may entitle it, "..." or somethign to that effect.

Peace and love


P.s i did a very childish thing...i actually ate so much ice cream that i made myself sick *go me* I don't think i've done something like this since i was...three...(?)
p.p.s i'm making fortune cookies tomorrow and can't wait!!! but i've gotta prepare the fortunes in a moment -_-'
p.p.p.s rock on roger federra in wimbledon!!! 15 grandslams!!! *whoa*
p.p.p.p.s"If you want the rainbow, you must put up with the rain." D. Parton


  1. looks like ill be having fun then if u dont agree 2 my terms

  2. This post seems very weird and almosts reminds me of something Dimitri would write.

  3. ....who the hell is dimitri...? heh, jacob cracks me up for completley the wrong reasons sometimes...*another Monkey Ninja scenario...*

  4. I thought Zaros was Dimitri...