Thursday, 16 July 2009

whilst bombs are dropping and people are dying, sickness is spreading and children are crying...

...i'm here freaking out about the trivialities of teenage heart ache. how very selfish of me.
so yeah...he left for Spain today. he's there for a week and then he's going to cornwall for three weeks. Most of you know who i'm talking about anyone so there's not alot of point keeping his name hidden but just for the moment i won't say it out loud. yeah. i miss him. a lot. and when i have time to think about it all i'll probably cry. a lot. pathetic, eh?

yeah, i'm gonna go take a bath and take my mind off things.

Peace and love


  1. If you want to go to their house, I will ask them if/when they phone me. Really, it's no problem. The only thing you would have to put up with is my brother.

  2. i dunno, thanks richard but i feel kinda bad about inviting myself and if i was the only girl i might make you guys feel kinda awkward :S