Saturday, 18 July 2009

"aw, look at that teeny tiny dog"

..."it has a penis"....

So, in the past...36(?) hours, a LOT has happened and if what they say about only absorbing 20% of life's happenings is true then this entry shall be incoherent and really rather confusing, however, I do believe that we shall trundle-wundle our way through all the same, yes?
Right, school ended for Summer at 12.25 yesterday *hazaar* and about a million and one people came with me to the cinema :D we went in another masseeeeeve group and it was brillig. AND surprisingly, there weren't too many people so some us sat in the premiere seats :D We watched Harry Potter and the half blood prince. I'd only read the first four books...I might possibly be the only person who isn't mad about j.k. rowling's i didn't know much about the plot so I was able to appreciate the film as just a film and not as "the film of the book" when you begin making comparisons, things go wrong and as somebody told me, I need to stop comparing myself to other people-it does not help. anyways, I won't give away the ending or anything for those of you who don't know it but just for the record, i don't think that it ended very well. I mean, it was kinda the end I was a bit like, "is that it?" Some parts were Laugh Out Loud funny...other parts scared the heck outta me...Tommy can vouch for that... Overall, it's well worth seeing :D
After the film, I towned with a smaller group from the cinema group and we trundle-wundled around town and sat and chatted in the food court for a tidbit, then I went home to pack for ElinimodootocomSqueechTheGodOfCapriSun's sleepover. You need a shorter nickname. Anyways, once I was packed up and stuffs I met Elin-whatsherface at the bus stop to get to her cresh! We were planning on a major night of movies and stuff but I rather pathetically fell asleep at midnight :S Elin and I played on the Wii and one Wii fit I got my actual age xD and then I played the hula games and ROCKED!! I love hula-hooping but i would have liked it more if elin hadn't been sitting behind me when I was wiggling my bum around to move the hoop....not that she was looking or anything...
i told you i'd add that!!

anyways, we woke up about nine-ish. ate cereal. played more Wii games. ate chicken sandwiches and just for the record, they were nothing like the ones on PC Plod's blog!!! And then we went to help out at the village show. We were taking guesses for the name of the baby donkey *good times*...don't mention the donkey plop...please...
oooh, we bumpered ourselves into harvey!!! 'twas rather unexpected but lovely all the same. We ate chips and theere was vinegar in vapour form!!! I kinda hate vinegar, can't even deal with salt and vinegar crisps really but chips can't go without vinegar, salt and just a tidbit of ketchup.
oooh and I bought a funky bracelet with wooden beads *just like I like* from some random stall for 75p!! xD
and then I think we went home. Elinwhatsherface gave me the dock thingy from her old ipod to go with her old ipod which she gave to me :D and it's uber cool and she also gave me a couple of cases for the ipod :) lovely lovely lovely. ooh and we chatted with cazzzzi on the phoney-thingy and it was goooood.
Erm...knowing me I've probably missed out about a zillion lovely little deets but I can't think what else to write right now...
oooh and I'm towning with friends tomorrow which is going to rock!! xD



  1. Replying to your earlier comment (NOT the dog with the tiny penis), Ok.

  2. Well... that's a lot...

    I agree. JK Rowling and Dan Brown write good books, but their writing style has all of the intelligence of a mackerel in custard.

  3. ...:( i agree with dan brown, but JK Rowling is genius so everyone likes it.

  4. Hmm... it depends. Her writing style improved vastly from the fourth book onwards, but that still didn't stop the 5th book being extremely tedious.