Friday, 24 July 2009

urgh i give up and in and everything

14 followers and life seems complete...for about a second...or less...
Cut it out and watch me bleed, slit my wrists and call me pretty.
suck out all the poison and drink away the pain.

once upon a time a girl liked a boy and she told him so. But woe begotten was the girl for the boy didn't like the girl back...well at least not in that way...the boy went on to accomplish his dreams, rule the world and have a beautiful family.The girl had meaningless fleeting romance after meaningless fleeting romance and eventually found a place in life which she could just about cram herself into. She forgot her aspirations and who she used to be...turned to hard drugs and never made anything of herself.No body came to the funeral which wasn't held. Her death passed unacknowledged.

The boy lived happily ever after.The end.

Peace and love xD


  1. A fair few painfull emotions flying around in this entry.

  2. This post could be a good story. A story about a boy being really successful but a girl who loved him is shunned away.