Thursday, 2 July 2009

For the love of Latin

I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove many things but one of them is Latin and today's lesson ROCKED most supremely; shoving master R. D. of P out of my way in order to rub numbers off of the whiteboard. *life is good* I also managed to bruise my leg really rather badly in doing so, however, my sentiment remains that the awesomosity of it all was sooo worth it!!

This has been a short entry but what do you expect when i write most days?? Not much changes from day to day for me...such is life. Having said that, I'm now likely to have tempted fate to knock me out with some major changes...ahwell...

Peace and love

p.s i almost sent an email and as you all know, i'm really superstitious so when the message, stating that there was a problem and that I should try again, came up, i took this is an omen that i shouldn't offload my problems and this isn't anything too major so i'm not complaining but i'm gonna work through it on my own because "big girls don't cry" even when they're being torn apart from the inside out. Sorry, that was stupid and melodramatic but that's me!!

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