Wednesday, 1 July 2009


...I'm still not 100% on what that word means but I think it's fun to say :) As is the phrase, "shut up" when you pronounce it with as many syllables as you can. *sigh* good times...good times..
gosh darn district sports, many lovely people were not present in my life today...woe is me. Not really, it did suck a little but i'm seeing them tomorrow so all is well.
I promise the glasses won't be seen on friday...but no sooner. it's hard to explain. i'm sorry.
Do you know what?? I am so hot and so tired that I soooooo can't be bothered to do the math h/w i was set earlier but it's not due for ages anyway...

Peace and love
p.s i'd now like to thank lord zaros for following me blog 'n' all that!! :D


  1. nnnooo, you crazy fool! i wrote that post yesterday. i was referring to the bloody french creative writing piece which was actually supposed to be in for monday. but you know me, i couldn't be arsed.

  2. ...*shun*...
    i was worried!!! and how dare you use my insult, "crazy fool" against me?? hmmmnnnn

  3. Actually I don't think 'crazy fool' belongs to either of you. It actually belongs to Mr. T...

  4. hush up child!! that's neither here nor there!! tommy never said it before i said it around him!!! tell him to find his own phrases from tv shows of the 80's!!

  5. oooooohhhh, it was YOU i got it from! aw chucks, i've been trying to figure out where i got that for a while now! ah well, its a good phrase :P