Saturday, 1 August 2009

A mammoth voyage to a place of great familiarity...

In less than two hours, I fear that I shall be commencing upon a masseeeeeeve drive home. I don't exactly sufferfrom motion sickness but the stuffiness of seven HOURS in a car stuck in the middle seat in the back (everyone knows it's the worst seat!) makes me feel kinda ill and although I'm not really claustrophobic *sorry if i spelt that wrong* I don't like being in such a small place for so long.
I've downloaded a bunch of podcasts to help combat the inevitible boredom but still, SEVEN HOURS is a loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg time :'(
Right I reckons that I've done enough complaining, don't want to cause you all to fall into a boredom induced coma or anything...
I'm really gonna miss my grandparents...shan't be seeing them again for another year :'(
oooooooooh, I forget to mention this to y'all yesterday but when we were alfresco lunching at Penrhos; I had a masseeeeeeeeeeve sandwich!! Seriously, it was a BIG sandwich! Two slaps of bread cemented together with chicken tika...mmmmmmmmmm...then we headed over to Four Mile Bridge, so called because it is four miles from Holyhead. I tried to appreciate it, honest I did but it was nasty all grey and dark and...miserable. I donned my tent-coat and tied the hood tight around my head so as I almost resembled a fifth teletubby. However, I was warm, toasty and dry within it so now I'm kinda fond of my tent-coat :D
Although I did so into the wrong side of midnight, I finally managed to get all of my crud packed up. I had a lot to pack but I did actually use everything at some point in the week so they were essentials. Besides, I'm a girl, 'tis my prerogative to pack far more than I need for a week...there's one sexist stereotype I can live with xD

Just for the record; Nick is a w**king d**kbrain f**k head and shall forever be known as such for what he did my lovely matey mate. Gosh darn him.

Another note for the record, The God of Hot shall forever reign supreme even in his abscence from BlogLand xD


p.s. say, "white rabbits" three times before midday to bring you good luck for the rest of this new month!! Some may laugh at my odd superstitions but my family have done it forever and it seems to work so I have faith in it :D

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