Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Magical Gareth

Maybe I should chill??
mmmnnn...maybe. There's sunshine and a barbeque and...chris... :) perhaps things are good after all :)
Last night certainly was brilliant! Truth or dare resulted in me telling a lovely boy named chirs that I liked him :) i don't really fancy him but i've kinda always had a small thing for him!!
ooh, and in case you were wondering...this bloke above is a street entertainer who I saw earlier today in the high street. His name is The Magical Gareth and he's ever so funny!! He swalled fire, cracked a whip, did little tricks and JUGGLED A CHAIN SAW!!! ooh, and at one point, he borrowed a bloke named Keith from the audience and asked the toddlers he left behing whether Keith was their Dad and in response to their angelic little nods, he says, "You'll never see him again!" mwahahaha!! I know it's evil but you shoud have been there, it was really rather hilarious xD What a man!!

Peace and love

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  1. xD you've got to love those guys on guildford high-street.