Sunday, 12 July 2009

I don't like marmalade

My mum and Ange have made the most lovely plum jam but it's orange like marmalade. It tastes so good if i close my eyes but looking at it, all I can feel in my mouth is sharp, bitter, orange peel.
ah well.
I have to put together a magazine for english, finish math work which was due in last on friday and do some really rather pointless DT work...great.

My shift at Marie Curie went well yesterday. I ended up staying until Elizabeth *assisant manageress* was shuttig up shop, so I hoovered th shop floor for her and made sure that all the hangers were the right way around and then I sized some items ready for display. One or two buggers decided to take some things from the shop earlier in the day which was horrid but that day's takings were still fairly decent.

I feel like talking to you but I'm really not in the mood to be writing like this and trying to make jokes and all that crud.

I watched the forty year old virgin last night. Some parts were rather vulgar and explicit but I guess that when you decide to watch a film which has a plot focusing upon sex, you can't hope for muhc else. Steve Carrel and Seth Rogan were very funny in it though.

Right, I best get on with some homework now or else my father dear will chuck me off of the computer.


Peace and love

p.s Running for all the wrong reasons. Opening up to you. Baring my true virtues. Eventually, you'll carry me through. Regarding all that's been done. Time's awaiting your answer. In the silence. Long, cold silence. On and on it stretches. Vis รก vis those words I uttered. End it now. Yours is the only heart I wish to reside within. On you say so. Under your gaze I'll stay forever.

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