Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I think...

I think that life should make more sense than it does. I think that boys should tell girls what they mean. I think that lies should be illegal...even the white ones are tainted with ugly scars. I think that insecurity should disappear. I think that I should be able to string a decent sentence together when I'm talking to...him...instead of acting like an eejit. I think that everything has a reason...sad but true. I think that the people we love are taken from us too early. I think that I dream of impossibilities too much. I think that I don't tell my friends that I love them as often as I should. I think that no matter how much you want something...or can't always have your way...which is why I like to think that everything has a reason. I think that one day, when I die, I'll miss the world I left behind. I think that Heaven would be nice though. I think that reincarnation's a pretty good deal too. I think that time should be savoured because it will run out soon. I think that when we are sure, we should no longer delay or pretend or hide away but shout it Loud, Proud and to every Crowd. I think...I'm in love with you.

I think I have far too much time on my hands...

Peace and love


  1. well...i think that you think about stuff too much :D

    interesting philosiphies you've got a-floating there. your pretty wise, you know. XD you should b the next gandalf.

    anyway, in case i don't talk to you before you head off to wales, just wanted to say have a great time and hope its a good holiday! taraah!

  2. Err, wasn't the actor who played Gandalf gay? Please don't ask how/why I know that. I also think that you have more followers than the Plod, but I have to check first.

  3. Well, that's a nice compliment Tommy. Yes, Kaytei, you should be an old bearded ugly man who has no friends apart from short hairy countrymen and couldn't even hold onto a bridge without plunging to his "death".

    And before you say anything, I have read ALL the Lord of the Rings books. And I want that time that I wasted back...

  4. on an unrelated note, i can now play lord of the rings on my keyboard at home! :D....what? it was a monday morning, i was feeling miraculous and sad...