Thursday, 30 July 2009

Beaumaris *100th post*

Spent the day collecting pebbles from a beach in Beaumaris *Bew-marr-iss*. Well, about 20 minutes anyway...for the most part, we trundle-wundled in and out of teeny boutiques and bought some rock *lovely*. We also went to an art exhibition, one section featured seaside-scapes by Steve Jones and another displayed works by some knighted bloke. Ever so cultured, don't you know?
There's something awesome about smooth, rounded pebbles paved so perfectly in a sanded beach, wouldn't you agree? Well, maybe you don't agree but this is my blog for airing my opinion after all.
Mmmmmmmmmmm, my Grandma's making fish and chips for dinner and it smells goooooooooooood! She's an amazing cook :)

Er, I think that's about all I gotta say right now...

Peace and love

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