Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Oh God of Hot, where for art thou?!

In vain, the sun made one last feeble attempt at unfolding and outstretching his weakened and guilt laden arms into a reluctant embrace of sorts. Laid too heavy upon his shoulders stood clouds and their offspring of raindrops. Dampened, the smouldering sun dimmed and even the glistening light of eternity faded to but a flickering echoe of all which it once stood for. An ominous blackness born from hell ascended and asphixiated all around. The God of Hot had deserted the residents of BlogLand and all hope was lost. All residents paled in comparison to his wonderous, almighty obscurity, his heart-stoppingly breath taking style, the air of utter brilliance which could only be created be He. One mere mortal girl dared tempt his wrath and as he dealt great blows to the residents and she also; He made plans already to leave. So in the midst of confusion amongst the residents, He announced that He would be leaving in terrorsome imminence. Although begged to stay, the damage was made. Hell would now reign in place of his supremacey. Life was but a mass of meaningless dross. The God of Hot was lost forever.

Okay, now for some, "normality" i know for certain that 3 people have heard that Master Plod has made plans to leave and we're all pretty distraught...I know that he doesn't read this so I didn't think there was any reason not to show my appreciation for him. Anyways, my hope was that if all 15 of my followers checked out his blog: http://pissyplod.blogspot.com/2009/07/end-of-blog-word-from-mister-pc-plod.html and begged him to stay and then followed him then maybe he would reconsider. Well, a girl can dream.

Peace and love

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