Friday, 3 July 2009

I'll take everything good about life and find a way to destroy it before a smile even graces my lips. I'll shout at poeple i love because I've had enough of shouting in the mirror. I'll draw lines of mascara down my face where i'm too afraid to run a knife. I'll walk away when you have open arms waiting for me. I'll turn my back whilst you bleed for my sins. That's just who i am.

*right, time for some sanity*
I'm in dire need of getting a grip here. Nothing's broken...things may be twisted but in time they'll warp back into place. the lyrics, "oops i did it again" come to mind...i always seem to do this and tbh, I'm so tired of the stupid things I do and say. i wish I could fast forward and just get away from the breaking torrents of my hormones. I've told you to only listent to half the crud i say and right now that sentiment is so apt seeing as my mood's swinging like a pendulum at the moment.

We could be so good together...maybe you'll see that someday but who knows?

Peace and love


  1. Ok... is there something you want to maybe get off your chest sometime? lol...

  2. Hello. The work on Dementia is over. I'm not sure who has seen it yet, but I'm just saying you don't have to wait until the 8th. R

  3. Interesting post. I sometimes wish my life would stop being so trivial and that I could fast forward to when I'm an adult and I'm able to make something good of my life and I can write a book and... you get the idea.

  4. ah jamie, you always seem to have a calming aura to you, just reading your comment, i find myself nodding in agreement.