Friday, 10 July 2009

Did ya miss me?!

It's been a long time, three or four days I make it!!
Now, don't go getting me all wrong and misconstru my sayings but please, hear me out; I'm so so so looking forward to the holidays but there are some issues. It's the end of an era and i'm getting a little emotional :S and, six weeks away from loads of people? How can i make it?? You know, there's nothing sadder than a lonely libra...well, i'm libra so don't go making me lonely! It's not like i'm not going to see anyone at all; i'm bound to meet up with bunches of my friends but there will be some who are going to be miles away for ages and ages *you know who you are* :'(
AND one of them is going to China, CHINA (!) for four weeks :S
and, now that it's nearing the end of term, we're really feeling the rish to finish off the last parts of projects and crud for school. And, we're all well aware that once the holiday is over, we are in great need of knuckling down and doing serious work...woe is me. I worry about nothing so i'm a nervous wreck when in an actually stressful situation!!
I'm heading up to Wales in the Summer...only for a week but I can't wait! I'm going to be able to walk my Grandma's dog, Wilfie and go down to the beach at 7am every day and freeze myself in the sea and not care about my hair getting salted and frizzy or wearing make up. I won't have to care about the trivialities of teenage life. I'll be Kaytei, "wild and free". I'm planning on jumping off of MacKenzie *sorry if i've spelt that wrong* Jetty *and that* Loads of people do it and it's a kind of traditional thing to do; my parents did it at around my age! If the weather isn't too bad and I can build up the courage, i'm doing it!!
oooooh, and this saturday, i'm spending the afternoon volunteering in the marie curie cancer care charity shop in town. I love the manageress, Gill, she's so sweet!! I'm gonna be rushing with homework this weekend but i'm still looking forward to clearing a couple hour's of time for work with Gill.
oooooooh, martin got 53/70 in his math test and cam top of the class!!! he's bottom set year seven but for those of you who understand about his condition and all that jazz, it's blooming marvelous really! I'm so proud of him! and he had a blood test this morning and the nurse got the needle in first time and got a full syringe of blood. martin's usually a difficult case when it comes to having blood taken but today went well. Last time, he had some kind of reaction to the numbing stuff they put on his arm and had to take some time off of school :S

anyways, how was your day?
hope all is good and all that jazz

Peace and love


  1. kayte! your back! :O

    yeah, the blog dashboard was a bit empty while you were gone. and who's going to china? o.O

  2. caazz is going to china!! i'm making her get me a newspaper...i have a thing about foreign newspapers. she's got me one from new york and italy and summer bought me one from france xD and robert said he'll get one for me from spain *hazaaaaar*
    SECKS! *mwa ha ha*

  3. Wales!??? 4 summer holiday oh well my parents r taking me up north 4 a week as well east coast north of wales ___sigh---- oh and that rock thing yours in Wales if you do jump off you HAVE to take a pic to prove it or something! LoL!

  4. it's not a's kinda like a high pier or something..