Saturday, 25 July 2009


Hello from Wales!! We arrived little over half an hour ago and now i'm sitting in my would-be-home for the following week. As per the usual, something fell off of our car on the journey over but all seems well. It took feck ages to get here even though the traffic was pretty decent. The journey was about 7 1/2 hours because we had to make a stop at Tesco for fuel and stuffs. I listened to my iPod all the way up and it was goooooooooood.

I'll keep you posted on this week's happenings but for now, I shall bid you farewll!!

Peace and love
p.s The sky is blue with flecks of wispy white could, darkened only by purple shadow of twilight cast by the soon to be setting sun, shooting glimmers of diamond-like glitters across the sea.

oooh, I can just feel that some creativety may be brewing within me xD

p.p.s took a little walk down by the beach...almost slipped over quite a few times :S but 'tis grand :D all the same. i love love love it. At some point during the week, i shall be dismounting from mackenzie jetty *chucking myself overboard from about 30 ft*. I'm terrified. Now, i'm OK-ish with heights and water but to make the final shove at getting over my fears, i've decided to jump from a high place into a wet place xD sounds good, ja? I'll get a member of the family to take a piccie but it may need to be censored to spare your vision from the hideous sight of myself in a swimming cozzie :O i'll post it all the same though since someone asked for proof...*you'll be smiling on the other side of your face!!*


  1. have fun up (down?) there!...!

    and if your in a creative mood, does that mean you'll write more of yoru story? yes? plz, it was really good.

  2. ...not this week but i do hope to write a couple more chapters over the holiday :)
    and yes, up! way too far took forever to get worth it though xD

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  4. robert! you can't advertise your blog on my blog!! sacralidge *sorry if a spelt that wrong*

  5. Delete his post then. You have that power.

    I discovered that after Will started insulting me shortly after I started my blog.