Monday, 13 July 2009

my nose feels odd

my dad's out strimming grass away in the garden and it's really getting up my nose. i don't really get hay-fever as such but this is far from pleasant. I desire to tell the grass-strimmer to shut the fup.
oooh, on a rather brighter note, I got A* on the course work that my group have been working on this past term in English. I'm really rather pleased with myself...:)
If I'm absolutely honest with you, I don't have a lot to report about my day but I'm trying to postpone the beginning of my homework for as long as I can...

For those of you whom find mathematics, "easy" are not appreciated by myself... I was struggling with my homework at lunchtime and uber clever, boff-like, could-run-the-country-if-they-wanted-to kind of people come over and tell me it's easy. NOT AMUSED. -_-'

Awwwww man, Thursday is going to suck majorly :(
ooooh, incase you haven't heard, I'm now squeech-thegodofcaprisun's foster mum...

Anyways, creativety day tomorrow...great... it's just gonna be the year above us bossing us around all day and at the end, we'll have acheived nought but a tacky mess...

Hugs and kisses

Peace and love

p.s those of you who read this regularly know that I always sign off with "peace and love" I feel like a change...any suggestions?

p.p.s If I hold my head up. Long enough to be seen. Over the crowd. Verfied will be my dreams. Enveloped in a bubble. Yawn for the monotony. Of the falsities we preach. Undone, one glance from you and my facade is undone. Forgive the past. Obscure yourself from history. Return to the glorious present. Eternity's gift of life. Vrai ou faux? Endings only bring more questions. Resolve, still and calm, resolve.


  1. Is the PS a song?

    I hate the boff types you are talking about. Nothing is easy. Even simply walking is difficult, especially to a worm, because they have NO LEGS!

    I presume the boff types were going "oh, that is easy algebra, *scoff* *scoff*", while biting into a sandwich containing nothing but mayonnaise and not realise they've pronounced the word 'algebra' wrong and now look like a complete and utter fool.

    Sorry, I've gone slightly mad now...

  2. no, the ps isn't a song. it's got a hidden meaning so maybe you'd call it a riddle?

    the boffs are lovely really. i just hate that i'm crap at math.

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  4. I think I've found the message.

  5. I'm really confused: what are Peanuts? Nuts or Peas? I partially hate maths too, but I got my highest SATS level in Maths.