Tuesday, 30 June 2009

About the glasses

yeah, i appreciate that i need to get over it and get more confidence but right now, i really need them. I had to give a presentation with my group in English *which by the way, ROCKED!!* and I couldn't stand up in front of everyone without my glasses :S i promise i'll get over it.
ah, the sky shines forth with nort but the fairest of blues, glorious summer sunshine just for you and a light breeze fragranced with the sweet aromas of freshly cut grass and flowers of great beauty lend their time to carress one's face and yet alas, still, woe is me. *sigh*
he only likes me as a friend and no, i can't be certain when people ask, "but how do you know?" but I can just tell. I haven't got Lorraine's *from the Apprentice* special skill but i have woman's intuition don't you know?? yeah...well...I'm still hanging around for a fairy tale but i was never a princess so maybe I should give it up?
The weather's too nice to be miserable, so I shan't get you down with my trials and tribulations and all that jazz.
Anyway, I'm being evr so rude; just babbling on about myself, how are you??

Peace and love


  1. So did he give them back to you?

  2. oh plz, my life would be boring if not for your troubles and trebulations xD your life's so much more interesting than mine.

    ...thats not to say I take pleasure in your misfortunes!...but...you know...meh.

  3. Tommy, that seems pretty mean, relishing in Kaytei's misfortune (misfortune? that's not the wordd, but I've forgotten what it is)

  4. aw, tommy, i'm glad someone's making the most of my misery :) gives my life a purpose and all that jazz :)
    ...yeah...i begged them and he gave them back...i know you're disapointed in me. i'm sorry, i'll get over it soon.