Monday, 18 May 2009


I've had some really rather pleasant feedback ffor my writing; it's much appreciated but I urge you to be more critical *constructive only please* I know it's not perfect and I'd like you to give me some idea for improvements if you'd be so kind!!
For those of you whom are unaware, Miss Ellie the Newbie has joined us here in the blogging revolution. I recomend you take a look-see at her first post! I'm following her so you can find a link from my page to that of she of you please.
Well, toodle-pip and all that jazzy stuff...i apolagise for the rather minute length of this post but I regret to inform you that I'm fairly sadly in a rush!!

Peace and love


  1. i'm awful with critisism, constructive or no...

    all i would say is that maybe you might want to consider slowing the story down, just a bit, to add extra details or feeling. you know, to give the reader some more vision within your storyworld. but by all means, maybe im just looking at your story too much from my own writing style. do whatever works for you. what you've done is super-duper :D

  2. ahh thanks for saying that!!

  3. i shall take your advice on board long as you promise you'll never ever describe anything as "super-duper" again!!!