Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I'm feeling a lot better, thanks everyone!

To be honest, I did bring it on myself though...'twas my choice to carry on drinking rancid apple juice after all. For all of today, I kept imagning gulping it down and then it made me feel sick again :(
*right, moving on...for good!!*
I had a mental math test today, I got 27/30 which wasn't too bad but I made a couple of really ridiculous mistakes so I'm kinda bugged at myself. However, we had Mr. Kelly today and well...he's not bad looking so you know, that lesson wasn't too bad... xD
For all you guys that bug me by saying that I fancy everyone...maybe you're right.
I'm kidding of course! Just because I'm able to appreciate some people's good looks, that doesn't mean I fancy each of there.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to rock-climbing at craggy island after school tomorrow!! I'm going with some friends on a five week free course *yay!* I've never been before but nevertheless, I cannae wait :D

Love all of you so much
like this much

Peace and love


  1. OMG that scottish ******* is not handsome!
    maybe if your into toads and ****

    glad ur better!

  2. :S sorry steve but i beg to differ... that scot is really rather handsome there xD
    *i love his accent*